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maliximarketing has unique methods in providing its clients with different approach in catering for their various business requirements. providing the most convenient way of informing clients on what they really need.

Established March 2007 inspired by the needs to innovate online marketing advertisement for any type of businesses worldwide in an affordable package possible. Helping businesses to cope with the business needs while still making their services or products be sold at any given time possible.

In partnership with MySiteMalixi we develop maliximarketing, Marketing Company for Worldwide Services ensuring the capacity in all types of enhancement needs on its worldwide market. Maintained each day to assure its uninterrupted service and client shopping security worldwide.

Why are we the Right Marketing Company for you?

We know that we’re the right marketing company for your business, but don’t take our word for it. Listen to what some of our satisfied clients had to say about their results. You can also take a look at some of the work we’ve done for our clients, as well as for our own company. While you’re here, be sure to visit our forum and list of services. It’s updated several times each month, and aside from giving you a feel for some of the things we can do for your company, it also offers great marketing tips that you can implement yourself.

Almost every online project requires a collective skilled specialists working in parallel to complete each projects. maliximarketing is a company filled with some of the best minds in the online world as well as actual field work.

We are a Complete Marketing Consultancy Firm

Unlike most other marketing companies, we understand that today, a business must utilize a variety of marketing mediums in order to be successful. And time has taught us that in our world, nothing is constant except change. So, in the true spirit of the digital age, we have evolved our brand and our core positioning creating new powerful and one of a kind marketing channels to meet client's expectations. Even the largest companies must reach beyond the traditional mediums, like television, newspaper or radio, and implement some of the newer mediums, like Internet Marketing. Likewise, we know that even the smallest company must implement some of the more traditional mediums, like direct mail and face to face field marketing alongside other mediums.


Not Affordable Is Never a Word

Marketing, no business can live without it. One way or another, whether it is simple or complex, a business owner must take this term into consideration if he/she wanted to survive for a long period of time. The term itself could cost you a little less than a cents, but often times it could be as expensive as your super-powered sports car.

Be in-charge of your marketing needs. Look for a provider that loves to make things a lot easier and that will provide you a ton of options to fuel-up your marketing strategy. Look for Affordable Internet Marketing, where you can select your preferred marketing tool to use in your business. Affordable Internet Marketing also known as: Social Networking Sites, Blogging Marketing and Promotion Sites, Site Indexing and Web Directory Submissions, Article Marketing Services, Web Analytics with Title and Meta Tag Set-up and Pay-Per-Click Advertising Programs. Let's dig into the above mentioned services in the simplest way. So, let's get started.

1. Social Networking Sites - Everybody knows Social Networking. Most people may not be familiar with the term, but use it on a regular basis. Facebook, Friendster, LinkedIn and a lot of others are sites that host a multitude of communities or groups communicating with each other. This is a very enticing scene for marketing isn't it?

2. Blogging Marketing and Promotion - Blogging has already been so popular that it has caught the media's eye in consulting public opinion. If you got something to say, blog it! If you got something to show, blog it! If you got something to market and promote, blog it!

3. Site Indexing and Web Directory Submissions - Keeping your company listed among famous online directories and search engines is a must. If you are not using these services then you are not getting full benefit of your market. If you are not in, then you are out.

4. Article Marketing Services - Concise and persuasive articles is going to take your company to greater heights. We create high-quality write-ups to mark-up your high-quality business.

5. Web Analytics with Title and Meta Tag Set-up - This should be supplemented with theories and explanations with straight to the point data illustrated by graphs and tables. On the other hand, Titles and Meta Tags help a lot in rallying your website (if you have one) in conjunction with search engines. No need to worry about this if you have a provider. Your provider will explain all of your needs in for the best price possible.

6. Pay-Per-Click Advertising Programs - It's the click that counts. If you have money to burn, we could definitely offer this option for you. Pay-Per-Click Advertising can boost your sales by putting your name among the top Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Programs. If you want to win it, click it!

There you have it; with our Affordable Internet Marketing you could boost the presence of your business without draining your treasury. Who says marketing is too expensive? Who says that marketing is only for the big players? Who says that marketing is just way too extravagant? If someone says that to you, tell them that you have an insider in the business.

Yury Dizon


Success in business is not a product of mere accident, but relies on the understanding of marketing needs and the company's capabilities to deliver. Choose whatever your website is lacking and what fits your budget and you're on your way of giving your company a good favour of EXPOSURE.

Are You a Prolem Terminator or Creator?

Most people don't see it. Maybe it just seems right crossing the bridge when you get there. Maybe sometimes but, not all the time. Why do we allow problems at first? We all may have good reasons. One reason might be that we didn't see the problem or some may say, "We didn't know that it would create problems, plus we don't have personnel in place monitoring for mistakes or issues". Sometimes it's better to observe other people's experiences by reading forums, attending seminars or asking the more experienced ones to lesson or to eliminate problems. Terminating the problems most of the time is very costly. Sometime it can be in the form of money, health or strength. It's best to be cautious every time to allow yourself to think soberly to avoid being a problem creator.

Terminating problems on hand of course could be considered another issue. It really varies on situations. It's always good to have an intelligent approach to become a good problem terminator. Most people who have good characteristics are those who happen to commit mistakes in life. The situation is different when problems arise because of normal situations. When you thought you made a thorough investigation before making a solution. Gathering information and making good leverage will help determine what kind of solution you need to take place. Problems that arise because of unnoticed mistakes and an unfocused staff are another story. You have to accept their mistakes and come up with good safeguards that will work even with staff with limited understanding. Some people can adapt easily to new procedures that can prevent problems, and some may not. It means that the solutions should be well observed, so modification can be done before another problem arise.

Sometimes It's hard to know if you're the one creating the problem because every situation is different, but being an intelligent problem terminator after mistakes have been made is a good alliance to make things right the next time around.

Ruby Ann Malixi
The Philippine marketing consultancy company that will help your business grow professionally!

Does Music Have Soul?

Soul is not only for humans because the one who sings the song aside from birds are humans. The nature is the instrument who first gives people an idea that there is a sound that people could enjoy and experiment that's where the music starts, everyone loves music but is music really has a soul? If you are listening to love song what you feel? Most people said they get sad or lonely, feeling blue as if there is some sadness clouds the situation, gives them some itchiness in doing something whether it for good way of making feel good or making a solution on some issue of the heart, anyhow better to listen to another love song and try to check what you feel.

Listening to a pop song is another feeling it's like there is no boundaries almost same as rock songs who usually comes with a very high notes super eardrum loosing sounds that most young people love to listen and normally when headsets was introduced almost all teenagers listening to music uses it, that's why now there is a big ratio of people who can't hear some small or soft voice because somehow they end up deaf after damaging their eardrum listening to banging pop or rock music using headsets that directly touch their ears. An online radio which is called Podcast is one of the emerging technologies in the Internet today. It is the modern rendition of the old trusty radio and TV broadcasting. Though it is still in its infancy, many have become addicted to it, making it the next "Big Thing" to Online Video Streaming where music lovers could listen while doing their work on their computer and for some corporate offices it serves as their alternative source of music, and others who wants music for themselves still use headset connected to their personal computer or laptop.

Listening to folk / country or classic music also implies different moods, and most people said that listening to Gospel songs gives hope, good health and perception in life. So next time you think of listening to music think what's best for your health and for your soul because music has its own soul.

Ruby Ann Malixi
Marketing Consultant
The Philippine marketing consultancy company that will help your business grow professionally!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Birth of SMS Marketing

Everyone uses mobile phones for Personal or Business, but how about maximizing its use to gain more profit for business? That's where SMS Marketing starts. How to facilitate this kind of marketing?

First; you have to think of all the scenarios involved in such matters. The first question to ask is: do network providers have cheap rates when using your line for sending SMS to a large number of people?

Second; do they allow unlimited daily usage for SMS? Normally in some countries this is allowed, but with limitations, like for example: only good for 5 days, 3 times within the period of 30 days or equivalent of one month. If found overused, your line will be block or suspended because they would see in their system how many outgoing messages went out each week or each month. There may be some issues about billing or if there is violation reports being taken on that mobile number that needs them to suspend its use. In every country there are some universal procedures and sometimes there are also rules exclusive to one company, so you need to do your homework in researching and collecting data especially on policies. It can become a big problem to solve, if there is any way of solving it...

Third; how many Network Providers in your country do you need to send out SMS messages? You should consider that you need to target people who use mobile in reaching a mass number of users.

Fourth; you need to gather mobile numbers (list should be 90% active numbers or else you will end up wasting your time sending messages to those inactive numbers) You need to consider using post paid numbers rather than prepaid users because people who use post paid normally are in Business. Trying to collect all of those numbers can be a big headache. One option you may consider is buying a list of mobile numbers. There are firms out there that have large number of mobile list, but finding them can be quite challenging. If you are lucky enough to find one that will sell you a list, it may be quite expensive.

A lot of firms won't sell because they are using it for their own purpose. You may also collect mobiles from business cards that you have collected from previous events or exhibits attended. Even though you may not have a great amount of numbers, it's still a good idea to send out SMS messages to those you really want to target.

Fifth; this is the most difficult kind of marketing because you need someone (if you will be doing it manually) to handle mobile phone the whole day just to send SMS messages and might end up giving up after a week or so because it's kind a boring job.

I hope this gives businesses an idea on how this kind of problems were being eliminated by marketing company who provides this kind of service using the mobile system technology.

Ruby Ann Malixi
Sales & Marketing Consultant
The marketing consultancy company that will help your business grow professionally!

Are You Doing Things at the Right Time?

What are you up now? Are things working? These questions matters to be able for anyone to know they are doing things at the right time. It's like eating an ice cream after 2 hours of leaving it in the table and thinking that it's still an ice cream after then or buying an expensive cars which you know you don't have enough savings to last for the next month bills. Seeing time and things matters in every situation is very crucial in making decisions and in every decisions you make failure is just one step away.

Considering that every decision is between life and death situation is better than doing things before thinking a hundred times. Doing a lot of thinking is building a better and stable future benefits. Thorough research and studies on the advantage and disadvantages of things is very important aside from looking on the budget. Sometimes the savings you get from present doesn't worth the benefits you loose on the future. Spending for the stable business platform development for example is quite big at present, but if you see the future savings, it's worth a hundred years of savings more than the investment you put into it.

Investing in a good business system infrastructure like most business owners do is solving the present and future challenges before it happens aside from its lifetime advantage, unlike buying new cars that will depreciate and get rusted after years of use. Doing things at the right time saves you from future headaches and money. Most people who happen to experienced failures in the past are the most who get advantage of this wonderful saying because they are the one who knows the real value of life, happiness, money and future. Learning from the past mistakes and wrong decision of others is also a great help but my father also said that you are born to know it by yourself because you have to go out there and make your own mistakes for you to see what is the right thing to do.

Right time matters a lot when making decisions in doing what's best. Doesn't require now or tomorrow or next year or after 5 or 10 years, most varies on greater advantage and perfect timing.

Ruby Ann Malixi
Writer & System Analyst
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The Cheapest Labourer of all Time

Is there really a cheapest laborer of all time? Who are they? The answer is the business owners, they're investing, and they invest their money to multiply. They need to hire people to work for them, pay bills every month for office and operation expenses but they don't get their salary until the business works and become stable. People think a business person has lots of money but they didn't know business owner wallets are always broke.

Owners can't complain into its own business, always set their mind and heart to believe that business will work and earn, they off course has lead-time because they need to calculate how much they could only afford to doll out before they end up dying, Walt Disney owner see himself eating dog food just to survive and continue to pursue in making cartoon movies until one day it pays back. Most of the business owners endure this pain for years, minimum of 3 to 4 years and maximum of 5 to 6 six years base on most companies made their way and remain standing enduring pains daily just to survive.

Investors are big thinkers, they don't look on small humps in front of them, and they're more on looking for bigger picture of their dreams, always on the look on what needs to be done to back up the present situation for the next day. Thinkers are mostly quiet and observant which most business owners have in common. The capitals they have are just second because the mind and spirit that gives them the height of achieving their goal is much stronger. To stand in failures big or small at every situation is the weapon to stand firm, in learning how to perform well for the next day battle is a one of a kind adventure business owner encounters.

The risk this cheapest laborer experiences especially at early age of business is a mental, psychological, physical and financial challenge that only same people in same situation will deeply understand. After all the painstaking experiences if business survives that's where this cheap laborer will start benefiting. So be proud being the cheap laborer of your time.

Ruby Ann Malixi
Sales & Marketing Consultant
The marketing consultancy company that will help your business grow professionally!

System Reliability

Is there any perfect human-created system? What do we mean by system reliability if it happens that we need one for our business? Those questions normally pop up when the business operation is in the process of acquiring a system to fully maximize the efficiency of one's company.

An outsource provider is better than an in-house system developer or a freelancer because it is a legitimate company whose only aim is to provide a lifetime good customer support and also its resources are complete and the people maintaining it are not your concern anymore. Outsource are the one who will worry about the staff salary, customer service, data center for system servers and training of staff for new applications as well as the welfare of continuous good service for each clients.

Companies that do the whole thing themselves have much greater research, development, marketing and distribution of expenditures, all of which must be distributed on to the customers. An external provider's cost structure and low-cost of scale can give you firm and important competitive advantage compared to hiring and training staff for a short period of time for marginal projects that can be very costly, and impermanent.

Hiring people who will do this for you as your in-house staff developer is more expensive and more dangerous, simply because employees come and go, they are not reliable when it comes to staying in your company for life because they have their own dreams, their own plans and off course this doesn't include their present employment because if anyone gives a better offer to them they are gone for good, thus leaving your company and the system in great danger because there is no one who will maintain the system. If this happens, its development will be halted. Creating a system should be tailor fit to your company's operation thus keeping it is another story.

Success of every plan is based on the right decision before starting any kind of project. It's very expensive to make mistakes, sometimes people think they save money getting the cheapest offer. Making sure that cheaper offer will not be delivered cheap, otherwise you will end up believing the golden word "The best never come cheap" with tears and great disappointment.

Acquiring a system that came from either an in-house or a freelancer needs to have a lifetime monthly maintenance to ensure its system efficacy. If the person who develops it is not anymore connected to your company the system will not run properly. It is like a human body that needs constant feeding and cleaning to be able to work and do its activity in a right manner. A freelancer makes it more dangerous for you because if the project is done there will not be any more who will maintain the system. Who will enhance the system if revisions or additional module needs to be integrating with it? Full time staffs that gets a salary each payday not to mention other staff-related issues is a very big headache and their commitment to serve your company is uncertain.

Even if we like it or not, developing a system that would serve your company for life is something that is very critical and it needs a full time maintenance from its developer. Acquiring it from outsource will free your company from a lot of expenses thus keeping your system performance reliability at its peak. That is something that any company should look for. Each business investment conveys certain amounts of risks. Market rivalries, government protocols, monetary circumstances and technologies all change very fast. Subcontracting providers shoulder and accomplish these perils for you, and they are normally much superior at determining exactly how to circumvent risks in their extents of proficiency.

Ruby Ann Malixi
Writer & System Analyst
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What is Your Biggest Motivator

Do you have someone or something that motivates you to do extremely fascinating things every day? Have you realized that looking on the things you've gone through life is the biggest motivator you could have?

When people in all parts of the world invented how to make something out of pure necessity that's when all the solutions starts coming in, and amazingly it never stopped since then. When formal education was introduced or invented each country run their own unique way of teaching. For Example, the first schools were in ancient Egypt, around 3000 BC, and were for boys coming from rich families that will later on be converted to scribes. They are a group of people that could read and write like priests or government officials. Somewhere around 5,000 B.C. the Sumerians came into the picture (the first civilization), then the Babylonians, Medea, Chaldean, Assyrians, and Persians.

In ancient India, educators called Gurus manage schools that trained subjects containing philosophy and medicine. Schools were free, but richer families give support when the child finished their trainings. Ancient Romans had reserved institutes for the rich that where mostly for boys who were taught in Arithmetic, and to read and write in Greek and Latin. Schools were also set up in Europe throughout the Middle Ages, often by the Church or by Guilds, associations of skilful workers, who teach their craft. Young people were motivated to study, to invent and to discover things that would make life easier. Our histories invention provides a very rich contribution of how people live today.

Every country has their own distinct invention, a creation from nothing. From those ancient histories till now, from children's to adults, from people with education or none, there is somewhat a things created out of being just passionately curious mind. Human race were created to enjoy things God gave as to enjoy and one of those it the talent of creating something for life's convenience. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creation of new things out of nothing and the people who have the nerve the idea is brilliant.

Start asking yourself, what do I want to do with my life? What do I want to become? From there your journey of "Creating out of nothing" will start and before you know it you're already allowing yourself to get motivated by things that would make you become the best that you can be.

Ruby Ann Malixi
Writer & System Analyst
The Art of Persuasive Writing is Now Yours! Let The Letters Do The Talking....

The Skit

Do not ask. Just read:

Boss: Carla! Give me a report on last year’s sales.

Carla: Right away sir. At what month?

Boss: March.

Carla: Alright. Just give me a minute.

Boss: ok

After an hour…

Boss: Carla! Where is that “a minute” you are talking about?

Carla: Wait sir, is just that we need to scan a lot of papers. March of last year is too far behind.

Boss: What I am doing here is almost done. I just need a few data on that report. So, are we going to have that paper or not?

Carla: We already have that paper, is just that…

Boss: Forget it! We need to find a solution to this data keeping problem. What is the phone number of the system developer that you presented to me 2 days ago?

Carla: Here it is sir. 387-0095 and their website is

After a few months...

Boss: Carla, I need the last month’s sales report. The complete one.

Carla: Alright sir, just need to do some few clicks. Here it is.

Boss: Thank you. That Database System is really handy. I almost forgot, I didn’t ask them (system developer) about security. Carla, I would like to talk to them.

Carla: of course, but I would like to refresh you about the meeting that we had with them. If you may.

Boss: Go ahead.

Carla: It says that, all our data and transactions are kept securely wherein confidentiality is held at the highest regard.

Boss: Is that so. How nice of you to remind me about the meeting. I’ll give you a raise for that.

Carla: Thank you very much sir.

Do I still need to further elaborate this? Ok, this is a typical office scene wherein someone is trying to find something with difficulty. Everything must be kept systematically. This is true especially in keeping very important data. That is where our Database System will come in handy. Plus, it is available online. That means you can access your data everywhere you go. For as long as you are connected to the internet. As we go along the above lines, you will notice the word “security”. Data security is held at the highest regard. It is kept under extreme confidentiality. We do not disclose any data to any other parties. Still doing things manually? Save time, money and energy with our Database Development Services. With our Database Development Services, you are truly “Maximizing the Power of Technology into Your Business”.

Yury Dizon

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Dividing Line

The magic of visual effects is very astounding. As the saying goes, "a picture paints a thousand words". Almost everybody can design. Right? Everyone with enough knowledge on computers can sit down and learn the craft. But what is the difference between designs made by an amateur to that of a design made by a professional? What is the dividing line between them?

Let's take this one to the test. Invite over an amateur graphic designer and a professional one. The task is to let them design a specific project for you. Have them sit side by side on each other so that you may have a better look on what they are doing. Give them both a computer having the same specifications and applications installed. And present them the same kind of topic. Let the test begin...

This is the scenario that will most likely to happen. An amateur quickly opens the graphic design application and instantly begins pouring in a bunch of colors. The professional one thinks the design over and may get a pencil or a paper to start with. The amateur rallies all the illustrations the he has and starts plucking them one by one and punching it over the artwork. The professional, still undecided what to do, looks over the internet so that he may get enough ideas for the project. The amateur, relying on his own ideas about the subject, applies the finishing touch. The professional, on the other hand, finally gets a concept, a concept that is just right and will fit a given audience. With just a few patches of colors and a few counts of manipulations on the main subject of his design, he was able accomplish the intended output effectively.

The result, the amateur tends to put all his best to his design by involving every trick that he learned basing from his little experience. Squeezing it all without minding his client and the target audience. In short, his concern is just to please himself not to the intended people. The professional, on the other hand, finishes his work with these 2 very important principles in mind, the design and most importantly the target audience.

That is the main difference between the two. Graphic design, just like any other mediums of advertising, does not concern itself only on the technical side of the picture. It also involves the further study of the group of people that they are targeting with. The magic doesn't come out instantly. Now, which one do you prefer?

Yury Dizon
Success in business is not a product of mere accident, but relies on the understanding of marketing needs and the company's capabilities to deliver. Choose whatever your website is lacking and what fits your budget and you're on your way of giving your company a good favour of EXPOSURE.
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