Friday, April 27, 2012

Franchising Marketing Service

Creating a channel of business to meet prospective franchisees.Malixi Franchising is another Malixi Marketing Service. Born out of necessity from our clients who have tried Malixi Marketing Services and it worked for them and requested that we also market their franchising offers. We love serving clients and meeting their needs.

Malixi Franchising Now Welcomes Businesses!
Have Your Franchise Offers Marketed by Us!
In Addition to your Existing In-house Advertising Activities!
We will be the One Getting Franchisees For You!
We Will be Assisting You!
You May Now Sit Back and Relax while We Do the
Marketing Work For You!


                  1) Online Radio Advertising (Php.1, 000 value / month)
  •      15 to 30 seconds radio advertisement with free recording
  •      Script provided by the client
            2) Business Email Marketing (Php.3, 500 values/ month)
  •      Per business category total of  300 emails per month
  •      Response received directly to your email
  •      Customize Email Template design together with your company logo and concept.
  •      Reports per month Email frequency response and email blast analysis
3.) Online Animated Banner Advertisement & Text Banner Advertisement
  •      640 X 157 Horizontal Banner Advertisement ( Php.1,000 value/ month)
  •      225 X 260 Vertical Text Advertisement ( Php.500 value/ month)

4) Marketing Webpage at ( Php.1,500.00/month)
Malixi Franchising is Malixi Marketing Side Services. Born by the necessity of our clients who tried Malixi Marketing Services that works for them and requested as to also do their franchising offers. We love serving and meeting client needs through webpage specifically tackles their whole franchising concept and portfolio.

5) Online Directory listings
Be listed in our Malixi Marketing Web Directory and be available 24/7! Free Posting of any company business website/online URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Whether your webpage is new or your site has a high PageRank, we can give additional mileage for your business and enhance your link popularity.
6) Mobile Marketing (Php. 12,000 values / month)
  •      1000 mobile numbers per weekly time 4 weeks per month- Total of 4000 per month
  •      Consist of Smart, Sun cell and Globe per desired location
  •      Monthly reports consist of:
  •      Denied
  •      Good
  •      No response
 7) Gift Bags Distribution Channels per location (Php.4, 000 values / month)
  •      Per location field marketing
  •      Malixi Marketing Events Gift Bags Distribution
  •      100 gift bags
  •      Freebies gift items / products certificates inside the gift bags (provided by the client)
  •      Itinerary Reports per distribution
 8) Social Networking Sites (Php.1, 000 values / month)
  •      Facebook
  •      Twitter
  •      MySpace
  •      Linkedin
  •      Digg
  •      Multiply

9) Site Indexing & Web Directory Submissions (Php.1, 000 values / month)
Building a STABLE One-Way Links to Directly to Your Web Site!
“This is One of the Most Important Internet Marketing Steps You Can Take”

10) Blogging Marketing & Promotion (Php. 1,000 values)
Increase Your Search Engine Directed Traffic Ranking!
11)   Text Advertisement
           Announce your Business to the world by getting your name exposed to a Wider Audience 24/7.Use the Power of the   Internet to Reach Your Sales Goals Faster. Get Known, Get Better, and Get Your Company a Step Above the Rest. List you're Business in our Malixi Marketing Free Text Advertisement, and this time you can let your customers find you not the other way around.

Total Services Value: 28,000.00
Total Savings of: 8,000.00/ month
Franchising Marketing Package: PHP: 20,000 per month
All above Services is Yours in this Wonderful Package
Franchising Website:

Should any of the above proposals meet your approval, kindly signify your acceptance by signing on the space provided below and state the option you choose by putting a check on the chosen option for us to be able to make that on contract.  And if you have any questions, you may reach us directly at these numbers: +63922-881-0197, +63939-909-0494 and (02) 369-4218 / 215-4568.