Thursday, May 17, 2012

Malixi Audiocast

Podcast is one of the emerging technologies in the Internet today. It is the modern rendition of the old trusty radio and TV broadcasting. Though it is still in its infancy, many have become addicted to it, making it the next “Big Thing” to Online Video Streaming. Malixi Marketing recognized its potential in gathering people that is why we are creating a service that will also complement not only the sellers, but also the buyers in the marketing industry. Thus giving birth to MalixiAudioCast, an Audio Broadcasting service meant to cater people of different backgrounds. MalixiAudioCast delivers online broadcasting with a twist. Giving out news and information that will not only entertain but also fill-up your intellectual cravings.
  -            10-15 Audio Program that tackles technology news and internet business.
  -            Derived from another form of internet service they call podcast.
  -            Distributed once or twice a week (depending on the demand).
  -            Aimed to create awareness on the email recipients and provides an alternative way of connecting with them
  -            It is the most effective form of Advertisement next to video
  -            Dealing on the fact that most of the emails gathered are from individuals that do not have a business on their own and have only a limited interest on words and pictures
  -            It is a perfect add-on to retain the interest of Email Recipient as Additional Benefits for them as a Recipient Member

-Tackles on up to date news on the web.
-Technology News
-Focuses on the latest technology trends. Application updates etc.
-Software of the Day
-Tackles on the already popular software used today. Explaining   them further in dept.
-Audio Advertiser
-Tackles Audio advertisement of any type of business

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