Malixi Franchising

Malixi Franchising Now Welcomes Businesses!
Have Your Franchising Offers be Marketed by Us!
We will be the One Getting Franchisees For You!
We Will be Assisting You!
You May Now Sit Back and Relax as We Do the Marketing Work For You!

Malixi Franchising is Malixi Marketing Side Services. Born by the necessity of our clients who tried Malixi Marketing Services that works for them and requested as to also do the of their franchising offers. We love serving and meeting client needs.

Our Franchising Marketing Services Includes:

1) Online Radio Advertising
o 15 to 30 seconds radio advertisement with free recording
o Script provided by the client

2) Business Email Marketing
o 50 emails per location or business category total of 500 emails per month
o Response received directly to your email
o Email Template design
o Databank of per location emails
o Reports per month per location number of emails released- time and date of blasting per location & Business Category

3) Online Animated Banner Advertisement & Text Banner Advertisement
o 640 X 157 Horizontal Banner Advertisement
o 225 X 260 Vertical Text Advertisement

4) Online Advertising at Malixi Franchising Website at

5) Marketing Webpage at

6) Online Directory listings

7) Mobile Marketing
o 100 mobile numbers per weekly time 4 weeks per month- Total of 400 per month
o Consist of Smart, Sun cell and Globe

Monthly reports consist of:
o Denied
o Good
o No response

8) Gift Bags Distribution Channels per location
o Per location field marketing
o 25 gift bags per week on the desired location X 4 weeks per month -total of 200 gift bags
o Freebies gift certificates on the gift bags
o Reports per distribution

Total Service Value Of: 16,100.00
Total Savings of: 6,100.00 / month

Franchising Marketing Package: PHP: 10,000 per month
All Above Services is Yours in these Wonderful Package

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